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The hyperparameters for training gesture recognizer.

Inherits From: HParams

learning_rate Learning rate to use for gradient descent training.
batch_size Batch size for training.
epochs Number of training iterations over the dataset.
lr_decay Learning rate decay to use for gradient descent training.
gamma Gamma parameter for focal loss.
steps_per_epoch Dataclass field
shuffle Dataclass field
export_dir Dataclass field
distribution_strategy Dataclass field
num_gpus Dataclass field
tpu Dataclass field



batch_size 2
distribution_strategy 'off'
epochs 10
export_dir '/tmpfs/tmp/tmpdhi734hb'
gamma 2
learning_rate 0.001
lr_decay 0.99
num_gpus -1
shuffle False
steps_per_epoch None
tpu ''