Supercharge your machine learning development and create trailblazing solutions. MediaPipe is optimized for end-to-end performance on a wide array of platforms.

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Complex on-device ML, simplified

We've abstracted away the complexities of making on-device ML customizable, production-ready, and accessible across platforms.

  • Lightweight ML models all while preserving accuracy
  • Domain-specific processing including vision, text, and audio
  • End-to-end acceleration across CPU and GPU
  • Complex pipeline graph with multiple models and states
  • Cross-platform deployment to Android, iOS, web, bare metal

Work smarter ... that's it

Pick a task, like hand gesture recognition, that fits your use case. With a few lines of code, deploy across platforms.

If you need to customize the solution, such as different hand gestures, bring your own data and we'll take care of the rest.

Make your apps awesome with ML, effortlessly

Focus on your customers. Leave the ML solutions to us. More coming soon. Subscribe for updates.

Track and label objects in images.

Web demo Code examples

Identify content in images.

Web demo Code examples

Identify and recognize hand gestures.

Web demo Code examples