ErrorListener Interface for the customizable MediaPipe task error listener. 
OutputHandler.OutputPacketConverter<OutputT extends TaskResult, InputT> Interface for converting MediaPipe graph output ERROR(/Packet)s to task result object and task input object. 
OutputHandler.PureResultListener<OutputT extends TaskResult> Interface for the customizable MediaPipe task result listener that can only reteive task result objects. 
OutputHandler.ResultListener<OutputT extends TaskResult, InputT> Interface for the customizable MediaPipe task result listener that can reteive both task result objects and the corresponding input data. 
TaskResult Interface for the MediaPipe Task result. 


BaseOptions Options to configure MediaPipe Tasks in general. 
BaseOptions.Builder Builder for BaseOptions
BaseOptions.DelegateOptions Advanced config options for the used delegate. 
BaseOptions.DelegateOptions.CpuOptions Options for CPU. 
BaseOptions.DelegateOptions.CpuOptions.Builder Builder for BaseOptions.DelegateOptions.CpuOptions
BaseOptions.DelegateOptions.GpuOptions Options for GPU. 
BaseOptions.DelegateOptions.GpuOptions.Builder Builder for BaseOptions.DelegateOptions.GpuOptions
OutputHandler<OutputT extends TaskResult, InputT> Base class for handling MediaPipe task graph outputs. 
TaskInfo<T extends TaskOptions> TaskInfo contains all needed information to initialize a MediaPipe Task ERROR(/
TaskInfo.Builder<T extends TaskOptions> Builder for TaskInfo
TaskOptions MediaPipe Tasks options base class. 
TaskRunner The runner of MediaPipe task graphs. 


Delegate MediaPipe Tasks delegate.