Specifies the order of the vehicle matches in the response.

UNKNOWN_VEHICLE_MATCH_ORDER Default, used for unspecified or unrecognized vehicle matches order.
PICKUP_POINT_ETA Ascending order by vehicle driving time to the pickup point.
PICKUP_POINT_DISTANCE Ascending order by vehicle driving distance to the pickup point.
DROPOFF_POINT_ETA Ascending order by vehicle driving time to the dropoff point. This order can only be used if the dropoff point is specified in the request.
PICKUP_POINT_STRAIGHT_DISTANCE Ascending order by straight-line distance from the vehicle's last reported location to the pickup point.
COST Ascending order by the configured match cost. Match cost is defined as a weighted calculation between straight-line distance and ETA. Weights are set with default values and can be modified per customer. Please contact Google support if these weights need to be modified for your project.