MarkerType Marker elements managed by ConsumerMapFragment
PolylineType Polyline elements managed by ConsumerMapFragment
TrafficData.SpeedReadingInterval.SpeedType Constant describing the classification of the speed on this path. 
Trip.TripStatus Status of the trip. 
Trip.TripType Type of trip. 
TripWaypoint.WaypointType Constant describing the role a waypoint plays on a trip route. 
Vehicle.VehicleType The type of vehicle. 


ConsumerTripOptions This class is deprecated. Use TripModelOptions instead.  
ConsumerTripOptions.Builder Builder for ConsumerTripOptions
Location Object representing a single instance of a location. 
MarkerMetadata Information about a marker managed by the ConsumerMapFragment
Route Represents navigation route of a trip. 
Route.Builder Builds Route instance. 
TerminalLocation Represents a single instance of a geographic location and associated terminal point. 
TerminalLocation.Builder Builder for TerminalLocation
TrafficData Describes the traffic data for a stretch of road. 
TrafficData.Builder Builder for TrafficData
TrafficData.SpeedReadingInterval Describes the traffic conditions for a segment of the polyline path in the containing TrafficData
TrafficData.SpeedReadingInterval.Builder Builder for TrafficData.SpeedReadingInterval
TrafficStyle Immutable style settings for customizing a polyline's traffic colors managed by the ConsumerController
TrafficStyle.Builder Builder for TrafficStyle
Trip This class is deprecated. This class will repurposed in the next major release.  
TripInfo Object representing the full context of a trip. 
TripModelOptions Configuration that affects active searches set in TripModelManager
TripModelOptions.Builder Builder for TripModelOptions
TripName Representation of TripName with convenience functions to return composing provider and trip ids. 
TripUpdateError Contains metadata of a failed trip update. 
TripUpdateError.Builder Builds TripUpdateError instance. 
TripWaypoint Object representing a TripWaypoint. 
Vehicle The vehicle used for customer transportation. 
VehicleLocation Object representing a VehicleLocation for a trip vehicle.