public class SpeedometerUiOptions extends Object

Encapsulates speedometer UI configuration for different severity levels of speed alerts, represented by SpeedAlertSeverity.

You can use this class to customize the speedometer UI, such as the colors of the font and icon background of MINOR and MAJOR speed alert.

You use SpeedometerUiOptions to customize the speedometer UI for different SpeedAlertSeverity speed alerts, and need to use SpeedAlertOptions to define the triggering thresholds for each SpeedAlertSeverity.

Nested Class Summary

class SpeedometerUiOptions.UiOptionsForSpeedAlertSeverity Speedometer Ui options for showing MINOR or MAJOR speed alerts. 

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Public Constructors

public SpeedometerUiOptions ()

Public Methods

public SpeedometerUiOptions.UiOptionsForSpeedAlertSeverity uiOptionsForSpeedAlertSeverity (SpeedAlertSeverity speedAlertSeverity)