The On-demand Rides and Deliveries Solution is a development toolkit for building on-demand mobility services. You can use the Navigation SDK alone to provide real time tracking maps in your app. If you want to add coordinated trips, the toolkit provides web services and a set of APIs that wrap the functionality of maps, routes, and places into interfaces specifically designed for ridesharing and delivery solutions.

The On-demand Rides and Deliveries Solution offers the following capabilities:

  • Route Planning & Dispatch. Customers can book a ride or place an order with fast, accurate route and ETA calculations and effective pickup points, using the familiar Google maps users know and trust.
  • Driver Routing & Navigation. You can integrate Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation into your app with features such as two-wheel vehicle routes and live traffic.
  • Address Context & Validation. Identify the correct address for a pickup or dropoff and ensure drivers are being routed to the right location.
  • Task Tracking. You can let customers track drivers' routes in real time.
  • Fleet Analytics & Debugging. You can retroactively visualize and debug vehicle location, speed, dwell times, and location accuracy.


Component name Platforms Functionality
Navigation SDK Android and iOS Navigation and UI customization
Fleet Engine web services gRPC and REST Authentication, vehicle registration, vehicle tracking and trip coordination
Driver SDK Android and iOS Enhanced navigation plus tracking
Consumer SDK Android and iOS Trip requests

Developer roadmaps

Your design determines how much or little you integrate with Google Maps Platform. Here's a high-level view of what to expect as you explore your requirements and compare with the features of the SDKs.

Real-time navigation in app

The road to a final app with navigation leads you through the gateway of Cloud Project creation to get an API_KEY in order to enable the Navigation SDK. After these preliminary tasks, you need to create the App project, copy the SDK files, and add to the app's dependencies. With the SDK added to the app, you can decide how many destinations your app accepts, what the view looks like to your users, and how it responds to events. Visit the Navigation SDK for your platform for guidance.

Ridesharing and deliveries solution

Solution designs requiring vehicle registration and tracking can call the Fleet Engine which your solution can use as a dispatch hub.

Key technical constraints and components

The following rideshare and delivery functionality is the sole responsibility of your servers, services, and applications.

  • Storage of driver, vehicle, rider, trip data, and billable transactions.