Class List

Class List
The classes and protocols in the Consumer SDK for iOS:
<GMTCAuthorization>Protocol used to provide authorization tokens for gRPC calls
GMTCAuthorizationContextAn immutable object representing the context needed to fetch an auth token
GMTCConsumerMapStyleCoordinatorContainer class for the custom UI options for elements of the GMTCMapView
GMTCImmutableDataA base class of immutable data, subclass must implement the isEqual: and hash of the NSObject protocol
GMTCMapViewThis class represents the main view in the Consumer SDK for iOS
<GMTCMapViewDelegate>Delegate for events on GMTCMapView
GMTCMarkerStyleOptionsData object that holds custom marker properties from the client application
GMTCMutableMarkerStyleOptionsMutable data object that holds marker's customization properties
GMTCMutablePolylineStyleOptionsMutable data object that holds polyline customization properties
GMTCMutableTripModelOptionsMutable version of GMTCTripModelOptions
GMTCMutableTripRequestMutable version of GMTCTripRequest
GMTCPolylineStyleOptionsData object that holds polyline customization properties
GMTCServicesService class for the Google Consumer Ridesharing SDK for iOS
GMTCTripModelA class representing a trip session
GMTCTripModelOptionsObject that for configuring the GMTCTripModel
<GMTCTripModelSubscriber>A subscriber protocol for GMTCTripModel's event update
GMTCTripRequestA request object for specifying parameters to get an active trip
GMTCTripServiceProvides methods for accessing trip session(s)
GMTSLatLngObject representing the latitude and longitude
GMTSRequestRequest object that is an abstract class
GMTSRequestHeaderA request header object contains common fields for a request
GMTSRequestOptionsAn object for defining the request options
<GMTSRequestOptionsSupport>Extension for support of set request options
GMTSSpeedReadingSpanA data object that holds the traffic conditions for a contiguous segment of a polyline
GMTSTerminalLocationObject representing information that identifies a terminal location
GMTSTimestampObject representing a timestamp
GMTSTrafficDataAn object that holds the traffic data for a stretch of road
GMTSTripObject that contains logistical information about a trip such as `vehicleId`, type of trip, pickup or dropoff times, and route
GMTSTripWaypointObject that describes a vehicle stop on its route
GMTSVehicleObject that contains functional data related to a vehicle
GMTSVehicleAttributeKeyValuePairObject that contains a vehicle attribute key/value pair
GMTSVehicleLocationObject that contains the location information for the vehicle that describes the heading, speed, and time when this information was retrieved
GMTSVehicleMatchObject that contains the vehicle's information, ETA, and distance calculations for a vehicle that matches the SearchVehiclesRequest
GMTSVehicleTypeData object containing information about the type of the vehicle
GMTSWaypointObject representing an intermediate point along a route