Class List

Class List
The classes and protocols in the Google Maps On Demand Rides and Deliveries Solution for iOS:
<GMTDAuthorization>Protocol used to provide authorization tokens for gRPC calls
GMTDAuthorizationContextAn immutable object representing the context needed to fetch an auth token
GMTDDriverAPIAn abstract superclass for the Driver SDK API classes
GMTDDriverContextAn object containing the dependencies needed to construct a GMTDDriverApi instance
GMTDRidesharingDriverAPIA class that provide access to all the core components and serves as the entry point for the ridesharing use case
GMTDVehicleReporterObject for sending information to the Fleet Engine backend
<GMTDVehicleReporterListener>Protocol for responding to periodic vehicle updates sent by GMTDVehicleReporter
GMTDVehicleUpdateObject representing a vehicle update
GMTSImmutableDataA base class of immutable data, subclass must implement the isEqual: and hash of the NSObject protocol