Policies for data-driven styling for datasets

This document lists requirements that are specific to the use of data-driven styling for datasets; be sure to check the requirements for the Maps Datasets API, which will also apply to your use of that service.

Map ID access

Map IDs are unrestricted, and datasets associated with a map ID are not private. Once associated with a map ID, a map created through data-driven styling for datasets using the data-driven styling for datasets is publicly available to anyone with that map ID. Don't create a map in data-driven styling for datasets that you don't want to have used publicly.

For more information, see Data-driven styling with datasets.

Country and region borders

Don't use data or map styling features in data-driven styling for datasets to misrepresent country or region borders on Google Maps.

Data attributions

It is your responsibility to comply with any attribution requirements that apply to the data you share to Google. Any attribution text must not obscure or interfere with the Google logo. For more information on attributions, see Add attribution text.