Policies for Maps Datasets API

This document lists requirements that are specific to use of the Maps Datasets API, either via the API or Cloud Console. Your use of the Maps Datasets API is governed by your Agreement with Google.

Providing Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

If you develop a Maps Datasets API application, you must make available the Terms of Use and a Privacy Policy with your application which meets the guidelines outlined in your Agreement with Google:

  • The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy must be publicly available.
  • You must explicitly state in your application's Terms of Use that by using your application, users are bound by Google's Terms of Service.
  • You must notify users in your Privacy Policy that you are using the Google Maps API(s) and incorporate by reference the Google Privacy Policy.

The recommended place to make available your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy depends upon your application's platform.

Uploaded Data

You may only upload data to Google through Maps Datasets API if you have and will retain all necessary rights to: (i) share and deliver the data to Google and (ii) grant Google the right to use the data in connection with Google products or services, as described in your Google Maps Platform Agreement.

Product Limits

You may not upload more than 350 MB per file or 10GB aggregate data to Google via Maps Datasets API.