Google Ads API is returning to beta status. Please read our blog post for more details.

Service and Type Getters

Fetching references to all the various proto classes required to use the API in Python can be verbose and requires you to have an intrinsic understanding of the API or frequently context-switch to reference the protos or documentation.

GoogleAdsClient.get_service and GoogleAdsService.get_type

These two getter methods allow you to retrieve any service or type object in the API. Services are defined in code under the version path (google/ads/google_ads/v*/services/) and all Types are exported via the file. In general use get_service to retrieve a Service object and get_type for any other object.

You don't have to use this utility, and could instantiate a campaign for example like this:

# note this example uses v1 but this version could change
from import Campaign
campaign = Campaign()

The get_type client method allows you to shortcut this if you prefer:

campaign = client.get_type('Campaign')

When fetching a resource, service, or operation, an instance of that entity will be returned to you. When fetching an enumeration, a reference to the class will be returned without instantiation.

For enumerations use the get_type method and access the object's enumerable fields directly..

campaign.status = client.get_type('CampaignStatusEnum').PAUSED

You should always use the client.get_service method for fetching Services because there is extra logic built into this method to pass along your developer token and authentication details when making requests, which you would have to handle manually if you bypassed it.