OAuth Service Account Flow

This guide will walk you through how to setup OAuth2 for API access using your own credentials using server-to-server flow. These steps only need to be done once, unless you revoke or delete your OAuth2 credentials.

Step 1 - Creating OAuth2 credentials

Generate a service account ID and a *.JSON file by following the linked instructions, then come back to this page.

Step 2 - Setting up the client library using JSON configuration file

Configure the following keys in your App.config / Web.config.

<add key="OAuth2Mode" value="SERVICE_ACCOUNT" />
<add key="OAuth2SecretsJsonPath" value="INSERT_OAUTH2_SECRETS_JSON_FILE_PATH_HERE" />

<!-- Supply the email address of the user to impersonate. -->
<add key="OAuth2PrnEmail" value="INSERT_OAUTH2_USER_EMAIL_HERE" />