Requests, responses, and summary messages made to the Google Ads API can be logged with your own custom logger or the default logger in the client library for Perl.

Log Levels

The library will log different types of events to different log levels. On a successful API response, the summary will be logged at INFO, and the full request and responses will be logged at DEBUG. On a request that resulted in an API error, the summary message will be logged at WARN and the full request and response will be logged at INFO.

Log type Log name Success level Failure level
SUMMARY Google.Ads.GoogleAds.Summary INFO WARN
DETAIL Google.Ads.GoogleAds.Detail DEBUG INFO

For partial failures, the partial failure details will be logged at DEBUG.


The client library uses a custom class for all logging purposes and is exposed through the GoogleAdsLogger module. This class provides a default configuration that both summary and detail loggers will log to relative files in the logs folder under your HOME directory. But the default configuration can be overridden by providing a log4perl.conf file in your HOME directory.

Logging can be enabled/disabled using the following methods:

  • Enables logging for both loggers.

  • Disables the summary logging.

  • Disables the detail logging.


You can use the methods of the GoogleAdsLogger class directly for even more control over how requests are logged.