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There are two types of transport that can be used when sending requests to the API. Our client library selects the optimal one from the following:

  • Preferred: gRPC. It requires the installation of the gRPC PHP extension and it is based on HTTP/2.
  • Alternative used when gRPC is not available: REST. It does not require the installation of any PHP extension and it is based on HTTP/1.1.

If you prefer to specify the transport type yourself instead of relying on the default rules described above, you can set the transport property in the CONNECTION section of your google_ads_php.ini file:

; Optional transport settings.
; By default, "grpc" is used if available otherwise "rest".
transport = "grpc"

Alternatively, you can configure the transport setting programmatically like every other ones:

$googleAdsClient = (new GoogleAdsClientBuilder())