The Perl Client Library

The Perl client library is hosted on GitHub, and the package is available on CPAN.

The library supports Perl version 5.28.1 or greater. To use this library, first complete the prerequisites.

REST API protocol

Class entities—such as service, resource, enum, and error—in the Perl client library are generated by parsing the protocol buffer definitions. To learn more about how structured data is serialized, refer to the protocol buffer documentation.

To connect with the Google Ads API, the client library creates an HTTP request in JSON, sends it to the REST endpoint over HTTP 1.1, deserializes the response as a JSON object, and interprets the results.


See Getting started and Basic usage to start using this library.

To get OAuth2 refresh tokens, refer to the following guides:

To make API calls using OAuth2 service accounts, see the OAuth service account flow guide.