Real-time Bidding API

Allows external bidders to manage their RTB integration with Google. This includes managing bidder endpoints, QPS quotas, configuring what ad inventory to receive via pretargeting, submitting creatives for verification, and accessing creative metadata such as approval status.


We recommend that you call this service using Google-provided client libraries. If your application needs to call this service using your own libraries, you should use the following information when making the API requests.

Discovery document

A Discovery Document is a machine-readable specification for describing and consuming REST APIs. It is used to build client libraries, IDE plugins, and other tools that interact with Google APIs. One service may provide multiple discovery documents. This service provides the following discovery document:

Service endpoint

A service endpoint is a base URL that specifies the network address of an API service. One service may have multiple service endpoints. This service has the following service endpoint and all URIs below are relative to this service endpoint:


REST Resource: v1.bidders.creatives

list GET /v1/{parent=bidders/*}/creatives
Lists creatives.
watch POST /v1/{parent=bidders/*}/creatives:watch
Watches all creatives pertaining to a bidder.

REST Resource: v1.buyers

getRemarketingTag GET /v1/{name=buyers/*}:getRemarketingTag
Gets remarketing tag for a buyer.

REST Resource: v1.buyers.creatives

create POST /v1/{parent=buyers/*}/creatives
Creates a creative.
get GET /v1/{name=buyers/*/creatives/*}
Gets a creative.
list GET /v1/{parent=buyers/*}/creatives
Lists creatives.
patch PATCH /v1/{*/creatives/*}
Updates a creative.

REST Resource: v1.buyers.userLists

close POST /v1/{name=buyers/*/userLists/*}:close
Change the status of a user list to CLOSED.
create POST /v1/{parent=buyers/*}/userLists
Create a new user list.
get GET /v1/{name=buyers/*/userLists/*}
Gets a user list by its name.
getRemarketingTag GET /v1/{name=buyers/*/userLists/*}:getRemarketingTag
Gets remarketing tag for a buyer.
list GET /v1/{parent=buyers/*}/userLists
Lists the user lists visible to the current user.
open POST /v1/{name=buyers/*/userLists/*}:open
Change the status of a user list to OPEN.
update PUT /v1/{*/userLists/*}
Update the given user list.