FaceMesh.ContourType Type of face contour. 
FaceMeshDetectorOptions.UseCase Defines options for main use case. 


FaceMeshDetector A FaceMeshDetection client for finding FaceMeshs in a supplied image, which works best in selfie use case where face is within ~2 meters, or ~6.5 feet from the camera. 


FaceMesh Represent face mesh detected by FaceMeshDetector
FaceMeshDetection Entry point to get a FaceMeshDetector for finding FaceMeshs in a supplied image. 
FaceMeshDetectorOptions Options for FaceMeshDetector
FaceMeshDetectorOptions.Builder Builder class of FaceMeshDetectorOptions
FaceMeshPoint Represents a 3D point in face mesh, by index and PointF3D