public class RecognitionResult extends Object

Object representing the output of an ink recognition.

A recognizer usually provides several recognition alternatives, because the user intent is not always clear. For example, if the user writes a vertical line and then a circle, the recognition alternatives could include "10", "IO", and "lo".

Alternatives are named "candidates". This object represents a set of candidates as a list of RecognitionCandidate.

Use DigitalInkRecognizer to perform the recognition itself.

Public Method Summary

Returns the list of recognition alternatives.

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Public Methods

public List<RecognitionCandidate> getCandidates ()

Returns the list of recognition alternatives.

Candidates are ordered from most likely to least likely. When scores are provided, they are in increasing order.

The number of candidates depends on the options used when initializing the recognizer. See DigitalInkRecognitionModel and DigitalInkRecognizerOptions for details. If nothing can be recognized, this list will be empty.