FaceContour.ContourType Contour types for face. 
FaceDetectorOptions.ClassificationMode Defines options for characterizing attributes such as "smiling" * and "eyes open". 
FaceDetectorOptions.ContourMode Defines options to enable face contours or not. 
FaceDetectorOptions.LandmarkMode Defines options to enable face landmarks or not. 
FaceDetectorOptions.PerformanceMode Defines options to control accuracy / speed trade-offs in performing face detection. 
FaceLandmark.LandmarkType Landmark types for face. 


FaceDetector A FaceDetection client for finding Faces in a supplied image. 


Face Represents a face detected by FaceDetector
FaceContour Represent a face contour. 
FaceDetection Entry point to get a FaceDetector for finding Faces in a supplied image. 
FaceDetectorOptions Options for FaceDetector
FaceDetectorOptions.Builder Builder class of FaceDetectorOptions
FaceLandmark Represent a face landmark.