We provide a collection of sample apps to help you get started with ML Kit. Sample apps come in two types:

  • Quickstart apps are simple example apps that help you get started using the APIs.
  • Showcase apps are more polished apps that show how to realize more complex experiences using one or more ML Kit APIs combined with Material Design components.

Vision APIs

Video and image analysis APIs to label images and detect barcodes, text, faces, and objects.
Shows how to get started with all the Vision APIs: barcode scanning, face detection, and text recognition. It also shows image labeling and object detection with base models and custom TensorFlow Lite models.
Demonstrates how to do image labeling with AutoML Vision Edge models, and shows how to download models that are hosted with Firebase.
This app uses ML Kit's Vision APIs and shows how to build a rich end-to-end user experience that follows the Material for ML design guidelines.

Natural Language APIs

Natural language processing APIs to identify and translate between 58 languages and provide reply suggestions.
Shows how to use ML Kit to perform text translation.
Demonstrates how to use the Smart Reply feature of ML Kit to automatically generate replies to conversation threads.
Demonstrates how to use ML Kit to to identify the language of written text.
This app uses the text recognition, language ID, and on-device translation APIs to translate text in real-time from a camera image.