Note: This site explains how to integrate the Google AdWords API, which is no longer being actively developed, with v2 of the Content API for Shopping, which has been deprecated. We recommend migrating to the Google Ads API and v2.1 of the Content API for Shopping.

Reporting for Shopping campaigns


When Shopping campaigns have been running for a period of time, reports can be used to measure the performance of an account, campaign or ad group when it comes to leading to purchases of listed products. Reports provide metrics such as "total clicks", "click-through rate (CTR)" and "total conversions (purchases)" to name a few. Analysing the information helps you make adjustments and improvements to your campaigns to meet your objectives.

Performance data can be accessed directly via the respective user interfaces for Merchant Center, AdWords and Analytics. The preferred option for obtaining performance reports depends on which details are required. For example you can use the Report Editor to construct your own report and schedule reports to be downloaded via the AdWords UI.

When using AdWords API to access report data, there are two main reports that contain data for Shopping campaigns:

  1. Shopping Performance Report
  2. Product Partition Report

For more details on how the UI reports relate to API reports see the AdWords UI mapping. The following steps explain how to access the data available in these reports:

Manual steps

To access the report via the AdWords UI there are number of options. This section explains how to construct a report from the data and schedule it to be downloaded daily.

  1. Sign into the AdWords account from which you wish to download the report.

  2. Understand which AdWords experience you are using.

  3. Select the Campaigns tab.

  4. Select a Shopping campaign that has been running with approved products for long enough to generate report data.

  5. In the Ad groups tab, select the Columns button.

  6. Choose the option Conversions under Pre-defined column sets.

  7. Select the Download button and select Download.

  8. Choose your preferred format e.g. .csv, .tsv, xml.

  9. Choose the Email setting and set the Frequency to Daily.

  10. Select the Save this report field and choose a name for the report. You will be able to find this report under the Reports tab at the top.

  11. Download this report.

Automatic steps

There are multiple methods of constructing reports via the AdWords API. This includes the use of a Selector or the AdWords Query Language (AWQL). For more detailed instructions on creating a report see the Reporting Basics guide. The following steps describe how to construct a report using AdWords API:

  1. Make sure you have created a Shopping campaign that has been running with approved products for long enough to generate report data.

  2. Create a report definition setting the ReportDefinition.ReportType to SHOPPING_PERFORMANCE_REPORT or PRODUCT_PARTITION_REPORT using either selectors or AWQL.

  3. Configure the report setting using the reporting configuration utility for the client library you are using.

  4. Use the report downloader utility to request the report download.

  5. Schedule this code to execute daily for each report type and metrics you require.