Create a Google Ads manager account


You can use a Google Ads manager account to manage multiple Google Ads sub-accounts in one place.

You can't create campaigns or advertise products directly with a manager account, but you can use it to create campaigns on behalf of a sub-account that you manage.

Manual steps

  1. Sign in to the Google account you want to use as a manager account.
  2. Visit the manager account page, then click Create a manager account.
  3. Name your manager account. This is the name that your merchants see as their manager in the Access & Security tab of the Google Ads UI.
  4. Choose how to use the account. If you need to manage sub-accounts on behalf of other advertisers, choose "Manage other people's accounts".
  5. Select your country and time zone.

    The time zone you select is used for reporting and billing, and you can't change it later. We recommend that you choose the time zone your business is based in.

  6. Choose a permanent currency for your account billing.

    We recommend that you choose the currency you use for business. Sub-accounts are billed in their own currencies.

  7. Click SUBMIT.

Automatic steps

Not available for this process.

You can't create manager accounts through the Google Ads API. You can use the API to create sub-accounts and link them to an existing manager account.