Client Libraries, Code Examples & Demo Apps

This section contains open source client libraries, code examples, and demo apps that provide the building blocks to help you get started creating apps using the AdWords API.

Client libraries

Client libraries provide high-level views and basic building blocks of AdWords API functionality, making it easier to develop apps quickly. Code examples and installation instructions are bundled with each client library, available on GitHub.

Client Library Source Distribution Code Examples
Java googleads-java-lib Maven, tar.gz Code Examples
.NET googleads-dotnet-lib zip, tar.gz Code Examples
PHP googleads-php-lib tar.gz Code Examples
PERL googleads-perl-lib CPAN, tar.gz Code Examples
Python googleads-python-lib PyPI, tar.gz Code Examples
Ruby google-api-ads-ruby gem, tar.gz., zip Code Examples

Code examples

You can browse the code examples by clicking the links below. Working code examples for common API functions are provided in the following languages:

Demo apps

In addition to the client libraries and code examples, open source demo apps demonstrate various parts of the API in more complex scenarios, providing a great starting point and foundation on which to create your own AdWords API apps.

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