TaglessCRM is a lightweight, automated data transfer library for clients who want to upload their marketing data to Google Platforms. With TaglessCRM you can ensure sending the data once and only once, and avoid the hustle of dealing directly with the Google APIs.

TaglessCRM fetches 1P (first party) data from Google BigQuery or Google Cloud Storage, prepares and sends it to the chosen Google platforms, and monitors everything being sent, to allow safe, no-duplications re-run in case there were errors.

Unlock the 1P Data power for advertising and Remarketing with End-to-end data pipeline package built on top of Google Cloud and Apache Airflow.

TaglessCRM is especially useful for setting you up automatically with Customer match to enable richer targeting on all platforms, Uploading O2O conversions (like in store purchases), and transferring ML Predictions like pLTV and churn predictions for accurate user targeting.

We made extra efforts to make sure that installing and using TaglessCRM is so easy that anyone could use it without extensive technical knowledge. Installing TaglessCRM only takes about 2 hours and you can run it anytime with just one click! You can also schedule it to run at any desired time intervals to ensure speed.

Please refer to the following documentation for how to use this solution.

Click here to get started with the installation guide.