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There is a number of ways you can boost your campaign across multiple Google Platforms. Find the metrics which you would like to tweak and follow relevant guides.

Find out which keywords and targeting criteria drive the most cost-effective conversions.

Find out which keywords and targeting criteria drive the most cost-effective conversions.

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TaglessCRM Uploads Offline Conversions to Improve CPA

Learn how to unleash power of Machine Learning predictions in CM360, Google Ads and GA.

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TaglessCRM Sends your Tagless Data and ML Predictions to GA & Google Ads

Get your app into the hands of better converting users.

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TaglessCRM Enables In-App signals transfer to Google Ads

Setup by Google Platform

Learn how to setup offline conversions DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph, more at Wikipedia) for Campaign Manager 360.
Google Ads offer a wide variety of options to leverage 1P data.
Learn about GA and GA4 integration using TaglessCRM.

Installation guides

Go to step by step guide to install new instance of TaglessCRM.
TaglessCRM can monitor exacly what CRM data was sent, what didn't send due to a format error, and what failed to send due to API error.
If you have enabled monitoring, you may choose to retry a certain DAG when some data you were trying to send did not go through due to API errors.
You may wish to periodically delete data from this table to reduce costs and to comply with data privacy regulations.

NTT Docomo: changing digital ads ecosystem

NTT Docomo shared the story of leveraging TaglessCRM in their digitial ads ecosystem. The article is published on Think With Google in a Japanese version however it is translated to English.

In the changing ads world companies are required to establish an environment for collecting customer's first-party data and utilizing it for advertising development with the consent of users.

Prior to these industry issues, NTT DoCoMo, Inc. cooperated with Dentsu Digital to deliver highly effective advertisements while giving consideration to privacy.