If you have enabled monitoring, you may Choose to retry a certain DAG when some data you were trying to send did not go through due to API errors.

By default, Retry will be disabled so please make sure to enable it if you wish to use it.

Retry can be set to run automatically for each DAG separately.

When a retry is executed for a certain DAG, a record for it is stored in the monitoring table with the current timestamp. Then looks for all the failed data records in the monitorig table for the same DAG that are older than the last retry record in the monitoring table for that DAG. When it tries to send them again, if some data is failing to send again it will be stored again as failed data record in the monitorig table so it will be retried again once the next retry is executed.

To enable/disable Retry for a certain DAG refer to section 3.3.4 in the basic installation guide.