Web Story Content Policies on Google

For your Web Stories to be eligible to appear on Google Discover and Search as single results, they must comply with Discover policies, Google Search Essentials, and Google Search's overall policies. In addition, for Web Stories to be eligible to appear on richer experiences on Google Search (for example, the carousel view), Web Stories must comply with the Search Feature content policies and the following additional content policies. In cases of egregious violations of the Web Stories Content Policies, a site may stop permanently appearing on the richer experiences on Google Search.

We don't allow Web Stories that infringe anyone's copyright. Web Stories are meant to reflect original works, so we don't allow Web Stories that include someone else's copyrighted work unless you have received permission. Google does not assume any obligation or responsibility with respect to obtaining rights for your Web Stories to appear across Google. If your Web Story infringes on someone else's copyright, we may block it from appearing. For more information, review our copyright procedures.

Text-heavy Web Stories

We don't allow Web Stories that are text heavy. Web Stories may not be eligible if the majority of pages have more than 180 characters of text. Usage of bite-sized video (less than 60 seconds per page) wherever possible is encouraged.

Low quality assets

We don't allow Web Stories that contain images and video assets that are stretched out or pixelated to the point that the viewer's experience is negatively impacted.

Lack of narrative

We don't allow Web Stories that are missing a binding theme or narrative structure from page to page.

Incomplete stories

We don't allow Web Stories that are incomplete or that require users to click links to other websites or apps to get essential information.

Overly commercial

We don't allow Web Stories in which the sole goal is to advertise a service or a product, and especially if you may directly benefit from users consuming your Web Story. Affiliate marketing links are permissible as long as they are restricted to a minor part of the Web Story. Display ads may be placed following the Story Ad Guidelines. Good affiliate programs are supported based on spam policies for Google web search.