Best practices for ecommerce sites in Google Search

A critical challenge for any ecommerce website is being discovered in Search. Acquiring customers and building a relationship with them is an important driver of business growth, and Google can help shoppers discover your site at each stage in the shopping journey.

This set of guides is for developers who are building websites and that want to ensure that the site works well with Google and follows SEO best practices. The focus is on online commerce sites (ecommerce), but many of the points are equally relevant to sites that list products that are only available at brick and mortar stores. When you share your ecommerce data and site structure with Google, Google can more easily find and parse your content, which allows your content to show up in Google Search and other Google surfaces. This can help shoppers find your site and products.

Here's a brief description of each page.

Where ecommerce content can appear on Google Understand the different surfaces where your ecommerce content can appear.
Share your product data with Google Decide which method to use when sharing your product data with Google.
Include structured data relevant to ecommerce Help Google understand and appropriately present your content by providing explicit information about the meaning of your page with structured data.
How to launch a new ecommerce website Learn how to strategically launch a new ecommerce website and understand timing considerations when registering your website with Google.
Write high quality reviews Write high quality product reviews to help shoppers decide on the right product for their needs.
Designing a URL structure for ecommerce sites Avoid issues related to crawling and URL design that are specific to ecommerce sites.
Help Google understand your ecommerce site structure Design a site navigation structure and link between pages to help Google understand what is most important on your ecommerce site.
Pagination, incremental page loading, and their impact on Google Search Learn common UX patterns for ecommerce sites and understand how UX patterns impact Google's ability to crawl and index your content.