Google Images search operators

Similarly to web search, Google Images supports dedicated search operators, namely src: and imagesize:. These operators only work on Google Images; they have no effect on other Google properties.

src: search operator

The src: search operator returns pages that reference the image URL in the src attribute that's provided in the operator. For example:


The operator returns pages from any domain, not just the domain of the URL specified in the operator. This may be helpful to learn which images you're hosting on your site are hotlinked by other sites.

imagesize: search operator

The imagesize: search operator returns images of the dimension specified in the operator. You must specify the dimension in width x height format. For example:


This operator can be helpful in conjunction with the src: and site: operator. For example, you can find an image of a certain size that was indexed on your site:

src: imagesize:500x1200

Using imagesize: with the site: operator, you can find images of the exact size:

site: imagesize:500x1200


Because image search operators are bound by indexing and retrieval limits, you might not see all of the results that may appear for a standard search query.