Notes on Google Search and your website (experimental)

Notes is an experiment in Search Labs where people can share helpful tips, unique ideas, and their experiences related to your content on Google Search. This page covers how your web pages may appear with notes in Google Search, where the experiment is available, and how to see notes on your website's content.

An illustration of how notes may look on Google Search

Feature availability

Notes is a Search Labs experiment that's only available to people in English in the US, and in Hindi and English in India, who have opted into the experiment in Search Labs and are using the Google app. However, participating Search users can add notes on eligible web pages that appear from any region or language that Google Search supports.

Content is eligible for users to add notes if it's indexed by Google, meets our spam policies, and if the topic is eligible to appear with notes, which Google determines through signals like the search term, text on the web page, and other links to the website. You don't need to add any special tags or structured data to be eligible, but keep in mind that being eligible doesn't mean the appearance is guaranteed. Notes don't affect how your web page is ranked.

Learn more about how people can add notes on Google search results.

Seeing notes on your content in Search

Keep in mind that the notes feature is available on an experimental basis: in order to see notes that users have added on your content in Search, you'll need to opt into the experiment in Search Labs and be in a supported country. Then you can try searching for your site in the Google app and check if users have added notes to your content.

Submitting feedback about notes

Notes must meet our community guidelines for Google results. If you see a note that may not meet the community guidelines, you can report it.

To submit feedback about the notes feature, you can use this site owner feedback form. This helps us improve Google Search for everyone.