• Sceneform SDK for Android was open sourced and archived (github.com/google-ar/sceneform-android-sdk) with version 1.16.0.
  • This site (developers.google.com/sceneform) serves as the documentation archive for the previous version, Sceneform SDK for Android 1.15.0.
  • Do not use version 1.17.0 of the Sceneform Maven artifacts.
  • The 1.17.1 Maven artifacts can be used. Other than the version, however, the 1.17.1 artifacts are identical to the 1.15.0 artifacts.



AssetDefinition Defines a single Sceneform asset, including the model source file, the material to embed, the asset definition file (sfa), and the asset bundle file (sfb). 
SceneformAssets Container for all of the Sceneform asset definitions in a Sceneform gradle project.