• Sceneform SDK for Android was open sourced and archived (github.com/google-ar/sceneform-android-sdk) with version 1.16.0.
  • This site (developers.google.com/sceneform) serves as the documentation archive for the previous version, Sceneform SDK for Android 1.15.0.
  • Do not use version 1.17.0 of the Sceneform Maven artifacts.
  • The 1.17.1 Maven artifacts can be used. Other than the version, however, the 1.17.1 artifacts are identical to the 1.15.0 artifacts.


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public class TimeAccumulator

Sums time samples together. Used for tracking the time elapsed of a set of code blocks.

Public Constructors

Public Methods


Inherited Methods

Public Constructors

public TimeAccumulator ()

Public Methods

public void beginSample ()

public void endSample ()

public long getElapsedTimeMs ()