Change Log


New features

Structured Menus
You can now add, update, or delete:
  • Multiple menus on a given location

  • Include multiple menu sections within a menu

  • List menu items with name, description, price, and photos


New features

You can now retrieve location insights and driving metrics through the API.
You can now subscribe to real-time notifications for new Google Updates.

Backward-incompatible changes

  • The previously unused languageCodes and platforms fields of UrlAttributeValue have been removed.

  • SAME in the deprecated Ownership enum now only applies if the location that this duplicates has the same primary owner. Previously, the behavior was based on a more complex ownership calculation.


New features

You can now subscribe to real-time notifications for new reviews.
Maps URLs
Google Maps URLs are included in location responses allowing users to easily link to Google Maps.
Location States
Additional Location States indicating when the listing is published, disabled, pending verification.
Reopen Flag
canReopen flag indicates permanently closed locations that can be reopened vs. those that cannot.
Support for URL and Enum attributes.
Category Endpoint
Get a list of supported categories by country and language (replaces CSV files).


New features

You can now retrieve and respond to business reviews through the API.
Provide additional, category-specific information about locations.
Find Matching Location
Find and manually associate existing maps locations with your business location.
Transfer Location
New action on Location :transfer. Allows transferring a location from one account (business or personal) to another.
Preferred Photo
Indicate which photo you'd prefer to show up first in Google Maps and Search.
New Search Filters
New search filters include any_google_updates, is_suspended, and is_duplicate.
New Location States
Location states now also include is_verified and needs_reverification.
Photo URL Improvements
The API now accepts photo URLs without an image format suffix.

Backward-incompatible changes

  • Photos can now only be updated for locations with a Google+ page (these were accepted and silently dropped before).

  • The location_name and category_name fields are now output only. Only use category IDs when setting categories.

  • Field masks should no longer include the location. prefix for included fields.

  • Create/update operations now take the location as the body payload; other parameters are moved to the query string.


Backward-incompatible changes

  • You must now specify a request_id in CreateLocation calls. This ID must be unique for each location; it helps prevent duplicate locations being created in your account. Attempts to create a location where the request ID matches a previously created location simply returns the existing location, and avoids creating a duplicate in your account.

  • business_hours in Location has been renamed to regular_hours.

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