Business Information API

Change log


API Access

The Business Information API will need to be enabled from the GCP Console. The OAuth scope remains the same.

Endpoint URL

Endpoints for all business information, attributes, categories, chains and locations search are accessible at instead of

The path name for locations endpoints has changed from accounts/accountId/locations/locationId to locations/locationId

Location Updates

  • locationName has been renamed to title.
  • websiteUrl has been renamed to websiteUri.
  • accounts.locations.list and locations.get now requires a readMask.
  • primaryPhone and additionalPhones are now part of PhoneNumbers.
  • primaryCategory and additionalCategories are now part of Categories.
  • address has been renamed to storefrontAddress.
  • accounts.locations.clearAssociation has been updated to locations.clearLocationAssociation.
  • serviceItems are now read and updated directly from the Location object.


  • New Attributes object and corresponding locations.attributes.getGoogleUpdated endpoint to get the Google updated version.
  • attributes.list has a show_all parameter allowing clients to see all the various attributes that can be set for a particular category and region combination.

Service Area Businesses

  • Businesses of type CUSTOMER_LOCATION_ONLY are no longer required to fill out an address.
  • Addition of regionCode in ServiceAreaBusiness. It must be set for businesses of type CUSTOMER_LOCATION_ONLY.

Deprecated Endpoints and Objects

  • Removal of LocationKey object. The existing fields have been moved into Metadata.
  • Removal of PriceLists object. It has been replaced by FoodMenus and ServiceLists.
  • Removal of LocationState object. Most of the existing fields have been moved into Metadata. Although Metadata contains a boolean to see whether the merchant has full control of the business (voice of merchant), more detailed suspension and verification related fields have been moved to the Verifications API. Use method locations.getVoiceOfMerchantState for next steps in order to gain voice of merchant.
  • The endpoints and accounts.locations.findMatchingLocations have been deprecated.
  • TransferLocation endpoint has been moved to locations.transfer under the Account Management API.