Use MMM Data Platform

Google MMM Data Platform gives you access to a variety of data, including data for Google Query Volume (GQV), reach and frequency, and paid search. Although Meridian does not require GQV data, including GQV as a control variable can reduce bias in your model.

Google gives access to a primary user to enable other users at your organization to request data. If you are not the primary user, contact your organization's primary user for access to MMM Data Center. For more information about using the MMM Data Platform, see the MMM Data Platform User Guide.

All users with MMM Data Platform access can create a project and request data.

To use MMM Data Platform:

  1. (All users) Sign in to your organization's unique instance of the MMM Data Platform landing page.

    If you are the primary user and did not previously have access, your credentials are included in the email sent to you for this project trial.

  2. (Primary user only) If needed, grant access to others by clicking the Open Invite icon in the top-right-corner of the screen. Add the user's corporate email address. An automated email will be sent with a link to grant them access.

    Add user

  3. (All users) To request data, create a new project, click Create Project. The Create Project dialog opens, where you enter information about your project.

    To download data from an existing project, click a project from the list of previously created projects.

  4. On the Project information tab, edit the fields to define your project scope and click Next.

    Create project

    • Project Name: Include the brand and country.
    • Advertiser: Enter the parent or holding company, not the specific brand.
    • Country: Submit one country per request. To request data for multiple countries, fill out a separate request form for each country.
    • Brand Names: Include all brands and subbrands that you would like data broken down by. To separate individual brands and subbrands, you can add a comma or click Enter.
  5. On the Data format tab, enter the data format details that you want to use:

    • Select the modeling data range, time granularity (Daily or Weekly), and the data sources.
    • For Do you want automated deliveries for this data?, select the frequency you want the data delivered (No repeat, Monthly, or Quarterly).

    Click Next.

  6. On the Data sharing permissions tab, enter your organization's Google Ads account owner information.

  7. Click Review > Submit. The confirmation screen appears.

  8. Click Done. Google requests data sharing permission from the account owner.

  9. From your workspace, select the Standards projects or Recurring projects tab to access the approved data. Click Access data in the row for your project. (Click the image to enlarge.)

Data schema for MMM Data Platform

The following illustration shows a high-level data schema for Google Ads on the Google MMM Data Platform. (Click the image to enlarge.)