The Google Maps Platform team regularly updates SDKs with new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. This page provides guidance on how to manage your dependencies on mobile SDKs.


Always specify a version number in your dependencies instead of using an optimistic operator (~>) since that can lead to unpredictable and unrepeatable builds. The Maps SDK for iOS adheres to semantic versioning, and new major version releases include breaking changes.

Using CocoaPods

An example Podfile dependency using Podfile syntax:

source ''
  pod 'GoogleMaps', '6.0.0'

Using Carthage

An example Cartfile dependency using Cartfile syntax:

binary "" == 6.0.0


To build with the latest improvements, regularly check for newer versions and update your version specifications. If you are updating to a new major version, check the release notes for backwards-incompatible changes and how to update your code.

Using Cocoapods

$ pod outdated

Using Carthage

$ carthage outdated

Installing manually

Get the link to the latest source files at Installing the SDK.

In addition to polling for newer versions,Google Cloud project owners receive emails about backwards incompatible changes that may affect their projects. To get proactive notification about backwards incompatible changes, assign the owner role with a monitored email address for each of your projects.