Editing an Issue by E-mail

This page describes how you can send an e-mail to a specific alias in order to edit an existing issue.

Before you begin:

Edit the issue:

To edit a new issue by e-mail:

  1. Address the e-mail to the appropriate issue.

    • If you are responding to an e-mail notification from the issue, reply to the e-mail, and the appropriate address will be automatically used.

    • If you are not responding to an e-mail notification, use the address format:


      where componentID is the ID number of the component in which the issue resides, and issueID is ID number for the issue.

  2. Include in the e-mail at least one of the following:

    • Message body: Text in the body of the e-mail appears in a comment after the subject line.

    • Attachments: Attachments to the e-mail will be added as attachments in the issue.

    Any of these pieces that you include are grouped into a new comment on the issue.

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