Finding Components

This page shows how you find components in Google Issue Tracker.

You can only find components where you have Admin, Create, View and Edit or View and Comment permissions.

Find a component

To find a component in Issue Tracker:

  1. Open Issue Tracker in your web browser.

  2. Type keywords or a component ID number into the component search bar to select the appropriate component.

    Issue Tracker matches your keywords to components along a given hierarchy, as well as to descriptions for specific components.

    For example, when you create a new issue, you are presented with a drop-down that looks similar to:

  3. Use the Show Child Components button to examine the hierarchy of a specific component.

    The Show Child Components button appears on the far left of each component entry:

    Click Show Child Components button to switch the drop-down view and display only the specific component you've chosen along with any child components. For example:

    For more information on the child components view, see Components.

  4. Select a component.

    To select the component at the end of a hierarchy list, click on the component entry. To select a component in the middle of the hierarchy, click on its name specifically.

    For example, for an entry with a hierarchy of Sample Project > Bugs, you can select the Sample Project component by clicking any general portion of the entry. You can select the Bugs component by clicking on Bugs specifically.

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