Restricted Content

Restricted content is potentially sensitive content about an individual. Restricted content can be marked as Restricted or Restricted+ depending on the sensitivity of the content. Restricted and Restricted+ content may occasionally be stored in Google Issue Tracker. To mitigate the risk of this information being visible, content in Google Issue Tracker that contains or is suspected to contain sentitive content will be marked with a restricted flag. This restricted flag will restrict access so that the content can only be viewed by those with a business need (and never by the general public). Attempts to access content marked as restricted (both successful and unsuccessful) will be logged and auditable.

Restricting existing content

To restrict existing content, you must be an issue Admin, the author of the comment, or the uploader of the attachment.

To restrict existing content:

  1. Open an issue.

  2. To the right of the comment or attachment, click the Comment actions icon and choose Restriction settings.

  3. Choose the appropriate restriction level for the comment or attachment, and then click Set.

Restricting new content

To restrict new content:

  1. Click the restricted icon.

  2. In the dialog, choose the appropriate restriction level for the content, and then click Set.

After you set the restriction level, the Issue Tracker UI marks the content with an indicator.