JavaScript and Python Guides

The guides are written primarily for JavaScript in the Code Editor with examples for Python in Colab where applicable. The JavaScript Quickstart guide and the tutorials describe basic concepts and example workflows to help beginning users.

The Best Practices and Debugging guides have more complex examples and provide techniques useful for overcoming errors and scaling your Earth Engine analyses to larger areas, longer time series and more data. More advanced Earth Engine concepts provide necessary background for understanding how the Earth Engine service works and writing effective code.

The remainder of the guides are intended to illustrate important concepts about data types such as:

  • Image, The fundamental raster data type in Earth Engine.
  • ImageCollection, a stack or time-series of images.
  • Geometry, the fundamental vector data type in Earth Engine.
  • Feature, or a Geometry with attributes.
  • FeatureCollection, or a set of features.
  • Reducer, an object used to compute statistics or perform aggregations.
  • Join, or how to combine datasets (Image or Feature collections) based on time, location, or an attribute property.
  • Array, for multi-dimensional analyses.

There are also sections for machine learning, specialized or sensor specific algorithms (e.g. Landsat algorithms), and Code Editor specific features such as Chart, Earth Engine apps, and data (asset) management.