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Google Cast Release Notes

As new versions of Google Cast are released, this page will provide important information.

April 4, 2014

Google Cast Chrome extension - beta release 14.402.0.3

The Google Cast Chrome extension is available in a beta channel. See this Google Cast Developer Community post for more information. Instructions for using the beta channel version are here.

In this release:

  • Universal media controls in extension UI
  • Device discovery using mDNS or DIAL
  • Allows app filtering to show only devices usable for a given context
  • UI selector for casting vs. mirroring

April 2, 2014

Media Player Library (beta)

  • New version 0.5.0
    • New URL:
    • Test your app with this version before switching to the new library in your production app
    • Added 608 closed captions support for HLS mpeg2 transport streams
  • Issues fixed in this version:
    • Extract segment info of live smooth streaming from Tfrf box
    • Audio out of sync for live smooth streaming - Issue 203
    • Live SmoothStreaming have audio and video a few seconds off
    • Audio only HLS stops playback 10 mins after playback starts
    • Do not insert a 30 ms gap when detecting discrepancy between processed time and end of range in the source buffer for HLS - Issue 199

March 25, 2014

Google Cast Android SDK

Now using Google Play Services version 4.3, including the following specific to Cast:

  • The Cast sender application now maintains a WiFi lock while casting
  • Various bug fixes for handling connection and disconnection issues
  • Fix for photo MediaMetadata incorrectly imports/exports JSON objects
  • Fix for Cast.CastApi.getApplicationMetadata returns null
  • Fix for Cast device list not removing devices that have powered down
  • Various bug fixes in the SDK sample apps
  • Improved error and exception handling

The Cast SDK includes the following API changes:

  • The stop, pause and play methods no longer throw IOException and now return PendingResult<RemoteMediaPlayer.MediaChannelResult>
  • The method setDebuggingEnabled has been changed to setVerboseLoggingEnabled
  • removed IllegalStateException and added IllegalArgumentException

Google Cast iOS SDK

Updates to the SDK for iOS, version include the following:

  • 64-bit builds are now fully supported
  • Fixed: setVolume doesn't work when the sender device is muted
  • Logs provide a warning when a given namespace does not start with urn:x-cast:
  • The SDK version number appears in the API reference documentation in the lower left corner of each page
  • The SDK version number is listed in the Bundle version property of the Info.plist file

March 19, 2014

Media Player Library (beta)

  • New version 0.4.0, Revision 1
    • New URL:
    • Test your app with this version before switching to the new library in your production app
  • Issues fixed in this version:
    • Some HLS VOD/sVOD trailers could not be displayed on the Chromecast
    • HLS video doesn't resume playback, when network recovered
    • Node namespaces sometimes not ignored in TTML parsing

March 10, 2014

Media Player Library (beta)

  • Allow starting at "live" by using the Infinity property as the initialTime parameter to the player.load API call
  • Fixed issues with multiple, consecutive seeks
  • Fixed issues with seeking/playing to the end of the stream then seeking after sourceclose and ended
  • Fixed a crash that can happen if captions are disabled more than once
  • Print out bitrates in debug output when bitrate quality level changes

March 7, 2014

Updated the Design Checklist - check it out! The specifics are in the changelog.

Google Cast Chrome extension

Stable channel, version includes the following:

  • All changes from the beta release of February 20, 2104
  • Fixes for full screen and DIAL discovery

Beta channnel, version 14.305.0.0 includes the following:

  • Cleanup session info when receiver leaves
  • Files are checked correctly for forbidden strings
  • Specify Chromecast IP address in advanced extension options
  • Update demo app to use asyncronous script load instead of script tag
  • Return EXTENSION_MISSING error for any subsequent API method call after extension enabled-and-reenabled

Media Player Library (beta)

The Media Player Library has been updated with the following:

  • Add support for DASH segment template within representation
  • Expose auto pause and auto resume duration to the application
  • Calculate default audio codec private data based on sampling rate
  • Big numbers support for smooth streaming to handle live scenarios
  • Improvements in ID3 tag handling
  • Prevent changes in quality if already at the end of stream
  • Explicitly fix up mdat offset in trun
  • To work around media element precision issues around 'ended' event, fixed duration precision to 4 digits after the decimal point
  • Reset time offset in HLS on quality changes
  • Expire license generate key request after 2 minutes
  • ABR quality level changes improvements

February 24, 2014

Media Player Library (beta)

The Media Player Library has been updated with the following:

  • Add APIs to get the HTTP status code that is received from the server:
  • Change manifest loader to retry only on http timeouts and not on http errors
  • When parsing mp4, don't assume that mdat follows uuid sample encryption box
  • When parsing mp4, fix up data offset in trun since some content is encoded with the wrong offset that fails in Chrome mp4 parser

February 20, 2014

Google Cast Chrome extension - beta release

The Google Cast Chrome extension is now available in a beta channel. See this Google Cast Developer Community post for more information. Instructions for using the beta channel version are here.

Google Cast Chrome Sender API - beta updates

With the beta release of the Google Cast Chrome extension the following APIs have been updated in the beta channel.

Also, to determine if the API is available and initialize it, you can provide a callback function, window['__onGCastApiAvailable'] instead of calling cast.isAvailable. See Initialization in the Chrome Sender App overview for more information.

February 3, 2014

  • Official Google Cast SDK Release!!!
  • Completely overhauled APIs
  • Google Cast Android API now incorporated with Google Play services for Android
  • Support for adaptive streaming: MPEG-DASH, SmoothStreaming, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
  • Security enhancements
  • Update of the Cast_Icons and GoogleCastIcons

Chrome Sender SDK update

This release of the Chrome Sender SDK works with the following Cast Receiver build, Cast extension, and Chrome versions:

Cast Chrome SDK version Cast Receiver build Cast extension version Chrome version
February 3, 2014 15250 32.0.1700.72
Google Cast extension - version
  • Major update to support the public Google Cast SDK. See the Google Developer blog for more information.
  • API is now included by the site instead of being injected by the extension.
  • Device selection is now always handled by the extension.
  • App launches can now be initiated from the extension-provided Cast icon.
  • Continuity of a Cast session across page transitions is now supported.
  • Navigating to a Cast-enabled page while mirroring can automatically launch the corresponding app.
  • Media can be played on an available Cast receiver using the Default Media Receiver, eliminating the need to write receiver-side logic for some use cases.
The API requires at least Chrome 32, and Cast extension version or higher

October 24, 2013

  • Update of the Cast_Icons and GoogleCastIcons


October 8, 2013

Updates for iOS:

  • Minor GCKWebSocket bug fix
  • Fix crash when ending session, plus some other fixes.
  • Fix buffer state bug.
  • 1.0.6 was not released


September 25, 2013

  • Avoid pointless DNS lookups when converting dot-separated IP address string to InetAddress object.
  • Make player state optional. (Fixes a crash)
  • Separate two distinct error conditions when checking if socket is still connected.
  • Checking to make sure mSelectInterfaceTask is the current object, before setting it to null in onCancelled.
  • Multiple bugfixes - including crashing bugs
  • Give socket time to drain before closing it.
  • Made delegate properties weak, and wrote a logging facility for the SDK.
  • Minor fix in CGKWebSocket


September 12, 2013

  • Update Android and iOS SDK's to 1.0.4 - 1.0.2 and 1.0.3 were internal updates
  • Android – Raw discovery API in Android has been deprecated - MediaRouterProvider should be used.
  • Android – Removed obsolete classes
  • iOS - End Session in background task
  • iOS - Fixed uncaught exception crash in GCKSimpleHTTPSrequest when used with file:// URL
  • iOS - Fixed a crash related to when app responds to a message by ending the session
  • Cast Icons and artwork are now avaiable on the downloads page


August 21, 2013

  • Update Android and iOS SDK's to 1.0.1
  • Documentation updates for Chrome, Android, iOS, and the Receiver
  • iOS - 'namespace' renamed to 'protocolNamespace' to allow Objective-C++ development


July 24, 2013

First release!

This release of Google Cast is a developer preview to let you experiment with this unique second-screen functionality in your applications. The APIs in this preview release are subject to change.

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