GCKMediaRequestItem Class

GCKMediaRequestItem Class Reference


A class representing a request item sent to Cast receivers.

It can be used for precaching media contents.


Inherits NSObject, <NSCopying>, and <NSSecureCoding>.

Instance Method Summary

(instancetype) - initWithURL:protocolType:initialTime:hlsSegmentFormat:
 Designated initializer. More...
(instancetype) - initWithURL:protocolType:
 Convenience initializer. More...

Property Summary

NSURL * mediaURL
 The URL of media content. More...
GCKStreamingProtocolType protocolType
 The media streaming protocol. More...
NSTimeInterval initialTime
 The initial time of media to precache. More...
GCKHLSSegmentFormat hlsSegmentFormat
 The HLS segment format. More...

Method Detail

- (instancetype) initWithURL: (NSURL *)  url
protocolType: (GCKStreamingProtocolType protocolType
initialTime: (NSTimeInterval)  initialTime
hlsSegmentFormat: (GCKHLSSegmentFormat hlsSegmentFormat 

Designated initializer.

Initializes a GCKMediaRequestItem with URL, protocol type, initial time, and HLS segment type.

- (instancetype) initWithURL: (NSURL *)  url
protocolType: (GCKStreamingProtocolType protocolType 

Convenience initializer.

Initializes a GCKMediaRequestItem with URL and protocol type and use default values for other properties.

Property Detail

- (NSURL*) mediaURL

The URL of media content.

- (GCKStreamingProtocolType) protocolType

The media streaming protocol.

- (NSTimeInterval) initialTime

The initial time of media to precache.

The default is 0.0.

- (GCKHLSSegmentFormat) hlsSegmentFormat

The HLS segment format.

It's required if protocolType == GCKStreamingProtocolTypeHLS. The default is GCKHLSSegmentFormatUndefined.