Dock Trait Schema

action.devices.traits.Dock - This trait is designed for self-mobile devices that can be commanded to return for charging. By and large, these are currently robotic vacuum cleaners, but this would also apply to some drones, delivery robots, and other future devices.


Command Parameters/Definition
action.devices.commands.Dock Tells the device to return to the dock. The response will indicate whether the device is docked after it finishes executing the command.

Sample EXECUTE Request

  "requestId": "ff36a3cc-ec34-11e6-b1a0-64510650abcf",
  "inputs": [{
    "intent": "action.devices.EXECUTE",
    "payload": {
      "commands": [{
        "devices": [{
          "id": "123",
          "customData": {
            "fooValue": 74,
            "barValue": true,
            "bazValue": "sheepdip"
        "execution": [{
          "command": "action.devices.commands.Dock"