Conversational Actions will be deprecated on June 13, 2023. For more information, see Conversational Actions sunset.

Language Support

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The Google Assistant Service uses a speech recognition engine that can understand one of a wide variety of languages. These languages are specified within a DialogStateIn message's language_code field or by using the Google Assistant app.

The language code field consists of a BCP-47 identifier. These tags are typically of the form language-region, where language refers to the primary language and region refers to the region (usually a country identifier) of the particular dialect. For example, English may either be represented by American English (en-US), or British English (en-GB).

The Google Assistant Service can recognize speech and respond back accordingly in the following languages.

Language language_code Language (English name)
Deutsch (Deutschland) de-DE German (Germany)
English (Australia) en-AU English (Australia)
English (Canada) en-CA English (Canada)
English (Great Britain) en-GB English (United Kingdom)
English (India) en-IN English (India)
English (United States) en-US English (United States)
Français (Canada) fr-CA French (Canada)
Français (France) fr-FR French (France)
Italiano (Italia) it-IT Italian (Italy)
日本語(日本) ja-JP Japanese (Japan)
Español (España) es-ES Spanish (Spain)
Español (México) es-MX Spanish (Mexico)
한국어 (대한민국) ko-KR Korean (South Korea)
Português (Brasil) pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil)