Link with Google

OAuth based Link with Google enables users to quickly and easily link their Google accounts to your account entirely within your mobile app. After signing into your app, users can link accounts in a few taps without needing to provide additional credentials because they have already authenticated.

This approach improves account linking performance by engaging users within the familiar context of your app instead of an Assistant conversation. It can be integrated into user onboarding, settings, and other app surfaces, creating opportunities for discovery and engagement of your Google Assistant Action. For example, after linking you could offer to take the user directly to your Action.

Once a user has linked their Google account, they can take full advantage of integrations you have developed. Link with Google is available for both Android and iOS.

Figure 1. Example linking flow with an "Ask your Assistant" post-link call to action.


To implement Link with Google you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must have an Android or iOS app.
  • You must own, manage and maintain an OAuth 2.0 server which supports the OAuth 2.0 authorization code flow.