An Apps Script project manifest is a special JSON file that specifies a basic project information that Apps Script needs to run the script successfully.

Apps Script automatically creates and updates the project manifest as you create your script project and make changes in the Apps Script editor. In most cases you never need to view or edit the manifest directly; however, in certain situations it may be beneficial or required.

The structure of the manifest file and its JSON fields are described in the Manifest structure reference guide.

Editing a manifest

The Apps Script editor hides manifest files by default in order to protect your Apps Script project settings. Follow these steps to make a hidden project manifest visible in the Apps Script editor:

  1. Open the script project in the Apps Script editor.
  2. Click Project Settings .
  3. Select the Show "appsscript.json" manifest file in editor checkbox.

The manifest file appears as a project file named appsscript.json. You can edit this file directly in the editor and save any changes you make. To hide the manifest file after you make your changes, repeat the previous steps and clear the Show "appsscript.json" manifest file in editor checkbox.