Accept link via AdWords


Once you've requested the link from the Merchant Center, you must accept the link from AdWords to complete the handshake and gain access to Merchant Center product feeds from AdWords. You can do this either through the AdWords UI or by using the AdWords API.

Manual steps

  1. In the AdWords UI, click on the Gear icon, and then select Linked accounts and open the Google Merchant Center Section.
  2. By clicking the View Request button, you can see the details of any requested links and approve or reject them.
  3. For more details, read step 2 of the guide to link Merchant Center Accounts and AdWords Accounts.

Automatic steps

  1. Through CustomerService in AdWords API, you can get a list of pending requests via the getServiceLinks method.
  2. To approve or reject links, use the mutateServiceLinks method.
  3. For more information about this process and example code, see the Managing invitations in your AdWords account guide.