Transfer Parameters

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This page includes additional information about the transfer parameters available for applications that support data transfer. Please note that this list may not be up to date, and you can dynamically fetch the list of parameters by calling Applications.list.

Docs and Drive (Application ID: 55656082996)

The privacy level of the files to transfer. Possible values:

  • PRIVATE - Files that are not shared with anyone.
  • SHARED - Files shared with at least one other user.

If not specified in the request, this parameter will default to SHARED. To transfer all files, specify both PRIVATE and SHARED in the request.

Calendar (Application ID: 435070579839)

Possible values:

  • TRUE - Release resources for future events.

If not specified in the request, resources will not be released.

Google+ Pages (Application ID: 553547912911)
No parameters supported.