Shared contacts elements

The Domain Shared Contacts API uses the standard Google Data API elements and elements that are specific for shared contacts.

A contact entry takes the form of an extended Contact kind, representing a person, a venue—such as a club or a restaurant—or an organization. The contact kind appears in XML as an <atom:entry> element that contains various extension elements from the Google Data namespace.

The category element indicating that the entry is a contact looks like the following:

<atom:category scheme=""

In the Domain Shared Contacts API, several elements are slightly more restrictive than the contact kind. For the following elements, you supply either a rel attribute or a label attribute, but not both:

  • gd:email
  • gd:im
  • gd:organization
  • gd:phoneNumber
  • gd:structuredPostalAddress

When you create or update a shared contact, if you supply both rel and label, or neither, for any of those elements, then the server rejects the entry.

Photos support

Together with standard properties' values like self or edit, you can use rel values for atom:link elements. When using photo links, authorization token in the HTTP header has to be specified. For more information, see Learn about authentication and authorization.

  • With a GET command, rel="" adds the capability of reading the photo associated with the contact. You can use the URL specified in href to read the latest version of the photo associated with the contact. The link isn't shown if there is no picture for the contact.


<atom:link rel=""
           href="" type="image/*" />
  • With a PUT or DELETE command, rel="" adds the capability of updating or deleting a local photo that is associated with the contact.


<atom:link rel=""
           href="" />

gContact namespace

The XML namespace URL for gContact is

In this namespace, an element is defined that represents a group to which the contact belongs.

gContact:groupMembershipInfo properties

Property Description
href Identifies the group to which the contact belongs or belonged. The group is referenced by its ID.
deleted="true" Means that the group membership was removed for the contact. This attribute is only included if showdeleted is specified as a query parameter, otherwise groupMembershipInfo for groups that a contact doesn't belong to anymore isn't returned.